Aug 11, 2017

C2017: Final Day

I'm tired. This really is a lot of work. Yet, as the camp ends every year I feel a pit in my stomach. A sadness that it's over. Always happens. This year it happened at the closing ceremony when two of the younger campers gave speeches about the meaning of the camp for them. About how they didn't know what to expect on the first day and then they made new friends and had so much fun. They even talked about the history of el campamento (I'm pretty sure they had some coaching for that part). I mean sometimes I feel like we do so little. We bring in some art and science supplies and some sports equipment and spend a few hours with the kids for 10 days and then we leave. What have we really accomplished? Even the park we built, I'm not sure how long it will last.

And yet somehow, some way, this camp is important to many of the campers. I think it might be this: The fact that a group of Americans come down to spend two weeks with them, to make spaces for them to play, adds to their self worth I think. In their minds they must be important if we take time out of our lives to be with them. Or something like that.

That, and the playground came out amazing. Here's some pictures. And then we are off to the capital with all the teen leaders for an afternoon of museums (our idea), playing in the Fortaleza (their idea), some souvenir shopping and then dinner. See you stateside.
Playing in the 
Camila leading solar spin art

You can't really see how covered in paint are they

Jugando banderita

Picking up their artwork

The closing ceremony in the new playground

Mujeres al poder

Mujeres al poder

Here's the final playground photos: